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Why create a Blog?!?

This is my first post and so it seemed fitting to be a introduction as to why I would want to blog in the first place.

This blog is an archive if you will, of the many things that have happened to me, the thoughts I have had and experiences in life... that along with random crap that I find entertaining, useful or just plain cool.

Now I'd like to warn you that these posts vairy from amusing to seriously depressed at times.
You don't have to read anything you don't want to. Feel free to skip posts for whatever reason.
You are under no obligation to stay and listen.
It's all up to you.

Here is a quick sample of some of the things I post about.
Not all are of this quality, but it should give you an idea.

It has recently come to my attention that a lot of things have been building up inside me and confusing me to the point of self doubt.

Some of which being relationships, and peoples abilities to think about why we are here and what's the point in some things even existing altogether.

I thought I had most of my questions answered and yet each day I seem to face a new puzzle that for some reason I am unable to solve.

Now I am quite a logical person so when something happens I always seem to think about why, what, how, when and the worst of all "IF".

For example...
A man walks into a bar...
Now a lot of you are thinking.. oh... he's going to make some stupid lame joke, however like I said I don't think that way.

I read the words "A man walks into a bar..." and I wonder all sorts of things for example..
  • Why did he walk into the bar? 
  • Was he meeting someone for drinks? 
  • Does he work there?
  • Is it something he does on a regular occasion?
  • Has he ever been there before?
  • What made him choose a bar of all places?
  • Is the bar a quiet bar or a aggressive bar?

Not the usual questions that spring to someone's mind.
Now with me thinking so... well... littoral I guess, It causes me to (over) analyse everything people do, say and think, and then I try and find a cause of said action, the effect, and the next step they will take.

This has caused me to think about way too many problems and issues that aren't even mine. Causing me to become ever more confused by why people are so oblivious to their actions.
I am hoping that by creating this blog I can get some of my thoughts out on to "Paper" if you will, and see what others opinions are.

Failing that it still allows me to vent through the expression or words and not gives me something to look back on at a later date.

More than likely the latter of the two.
I also hope that this will allow you all (who are interested) to understand how I work and why I do the things I do giving you a better understanding of how my mind works.

Thank you for reading and keep your eye out for my next post.

So yeah, thats the kind of things you may stumble across in this blog.

Hopefully you enjoy browsing about.

Jay :D
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