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Am I going crazy?!?

We all have those thoughts that make us wonder if people will ever understand us if we tried to explain it to them, or will they just think that we are crazy.

Well lately I'm starting to wonder how the hell I'm aloud out and about.

While being at work for the past 2 days, I have had to work 10 hour shifts from 9PM to 7AM on both occasions.
Now seeing as my job is really boring and rather repetitive I end up thinking about loads of things that seem either crazy, stupid, mad or just way too complex.

I'm starting to wonder if its going to send me crazy.

Most people could do my job and just get on with it without any problems. However because my brain works over time as it is, it decides that because it doesn't have to focus on anything but a simple task it will use the rest of its potential to think about something extreme. Its kinda worrying.

Here is an example...
Could I possibly come up and design a mega computer virus that could wipe out everything and anything but that can also restore everything with the antidote.. then after creating this could I bargain with the government over it so as to be able to work for them and then they can have it for a cost..

Now this sounds stupid but I found a perfect way of creating it doing it and making it all work.. Now I'm going to explain it on here for two reasons.. for one I'm curious to see what peoples responses are and for two, well lets just say I'm curious ;P

Firstly I need a virus that is unstoppable.
To do this it would have to firstly be created in basic computer language. Not in C++ or C# or anything that needs a compiler as it won't run on its own.
It would need to be built so basically that no matter what OS you are running even if you had built your own, the virus would have to be built to still run.
(Thus the fact that you would have to set it to be built in the very basic of computer code.)
Something that all computers components could read and execute some how. (maybe even create 1 virus that has a few different types of the code that are all stored on one bit of hardware and run depending on what OS?

Secondly what should it do and how?
Now we can create something that runs on all computer based things (Cars, phones, laptops, TV's), we need it to now save itself to the system so that it is to not require it to still have a pen drive plugged in etc.
So rather than copy to a HDD that only runs when used.
It should copy to anything that holds data.. ANYTHING!
This means:
CPU cache, Memory sticks, HDD's, Graphics card Memory... anything that stores info

It is now on everything, but saved differently depending on what its saved on.
So for example, if it's saved to the CPU cache its saved in a way that is read/processed by something that reads CPU code.
This means that if you want to save the data on the HDD you would have to plug the HDD into another computer and that too becomes infected.. even if you use the CPU or anything..
Basically the whole PC becomes useless...
(Sorry if I now seem off track.. had a rather large post on a topic about my last post to reply to lol)

Right.. erm...
Okay.. so the virus is now everywhere and can't be deleted unless your format all the info too all 0's or all 1's.
However to do this you need it plugged into a computer that works.. so this isn't possible.. it will just keep spreading..

Thing is, it doesn't do anything at the moment. It sits there and copies its self everywhere.
So the next thing you want to do is make sure it's at the start up of everything.. if you can set it to memory address 00,00,00,00 so when the memory gets read, the first thing it reads is your code.

The first part of the data/code should run the rest of it thus starting up your virus.
You now make the virus encode all of the data on the chip it's saved to.
You make the code impossible to crack by using the data stored on the actual chip to encode it.. basically say you have a chip called "x11c3 express" you use that string value to create an encryption code value thing lol..
This is used to encode the data.. you will however need to save the "x11c3 express" string as part of the virus, but again encoded with this time a default code. So now it reads "1ddjh bubbles" or something..

The data is now completely unreadable and unrecoverable unless you can decrypt.. problem is if you try to decrypt then whatever you're using will have to access the computer and will then become infected.

So this computer/mobile/car is useless.. and won't do anything.

How do you fix it?

Well what you do is in the actual virus you code it to read from a memory location first.. for example. read location 00,00,00,89 first then read from 00,00,00,00 onwards.

what this will do is allow you to have something in that memory address that gets read first.

So say you have the anti dote on a pendrive and at location 00,00,00,89 you have a string that ses KillerBeeAntidote, the virus will read this and know not to infect the pendrive.

Now that the pendrive doesn't get infected the computer will still read the code on the pendrive... think of the pendrive as a portable OS, on this OS is the program needed to fix it.

The virus sees that its not to be encoded and so doesnt tamper with it. the pendrive should run on its own without help. what it will do is read the memory on the chips. if it finds the virus on 00,00,00,00 then it will read the encoded "1ddjh bubbles" string and will then know how to decode the data.

So you decode the data and then save it from getting the virus from the other hardware by adding a small file on the chip at location 00,00,00,89.

This means that the HDD can be decoded by the pen drive that runs on its own and then gets given a antibody in effect that keeps it from getting infected.

What you do is allow the pendrive to scan ALL of the hardware on the computer/phone and allow it to remove the virus completely and decode. Once thats done the antibody files are removed..

Your computer is now back to normal and 100% like it was before the virus showed up.

How its useful:
Now you see this idea could easily be used by the government as a weapon that doesn't cause deaths.. forget wars with missiles.. they kill people.
Instead you could code this baby so that it only infects things that are located within an area of the globe, thus causing it to spread throughout only that area and shutting down their entire computer network.. no banks, no info, no lights on roads.. nothing.. they can't even use weapons to fire at you.

You tell them that they should mend their ways and then you can give them the antidote..

This could be used on terrorists too.. you use it on them.. they are helpless.. no cameras nothing.
You storm in take their stuff decode it with the antidote and you have all their info on everything.. eg where bad people are hiding etc.

Its something I don't think I should of posted but this is what goes through my head everyday... surely there is a way to make use of my mind.. working in a store isn't putting me to my full limit.
Or maybe I'm just going mad and thinking about silly things that will never happen. O_O
who knows..

UPDATE: I realize that this wont work.. due to the way computers work reading code on chips and shit, however like my warning states.. this was just a cool thought that I had.
If there was some way of doing something "Like" this though, then it would be a serious virus!
May think on this a bit more at a later date.
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