Tuesday, 24 April 2012

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Hmmmm.. Thoughts yet again.

It is possible to do this.. but how many people in the whole world actually would..

I have grown up and throughout my entire life time I have gained lots of possessions, and these possessions are now stored in my own flat.
I have a lot of memory's linked to these things.. so parting with them is very hard. It gets even harder to part with them all when you know how hard you worked to get everything you currently have.

You spent many years perfecting everything that you have into being what you wanted to have, weather these be memories that spark emotions or if they are just simply things you always wanted/needed.

But if you were told that you could start a fresh new life, and take the path you want in life, all you had to do was abandon all your possessions... could you?

When thinking about it I sit there and think.. They are only things.. I can get them again..
But then you take a hard look at what you actually have and it becomes a completely different matter..

Now this shocks me. I'm usually a logical person yet the emotion of possessions still seems to overrule my thinking.

Why is this?

They are only things right? I could get them back if I tried.... Its not like I actually NEED them to live... but yet I still don't want to part with everything I have.

Does this make me mentally weak?

Or maybe the thing given in return isn't worth as much as the memories and possessions?

I would be extremely curious as to what others would do given the same choice...
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