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The answer to my life the universe and my everything...

I was having sex today when it hit me...
I know the one main thing that makes me me...

A lot of my posts have been about how I think and hopefully it has let you gain a better understanding of me. However it has also helped me better understand myself.

I have one word that describes my life, and as big headed as it sounds the word is "Better"

Let me explain...

Think of your life, how you live it and where you are in your mind. Now tell me you wouldn't like it if things were better in some way..
Maybe you wish you did better at school? Maybe you think you could be in a better position now than you actually are? I have no idea what you would like to have better.. but I'll tell you one thing. I bet there is something you want better..

The thing is it rings true for me on sooo many levels that it kind of is who I am.

Here's a few examples.
I know I could be in a better position than I am now, and no matter how much I do better myself its never enough.
I want to learn more about EVERYTHING.
Even if I had the real answer to life the universe and everything I would still want a better one.
I want a better job/flat/state of mind/understanding of people/education/physical appearance... the list goes on..

If its possible to be better then I want it.. and if you can't be better than that then why the hell not?

You see I am more than happy to be told that I am wrong, and I am more than happy to have people explain things to me. The reason for this is because I feel like i'm learning and thus getting a better understanding of something.

Yeah I make mistakes but I can assure you that unless I intend to make them again I tend to avoid it and learn from it.

So my answer to life the universe and everything is to be better.
Everywhere I go and everyone I see all want to better themselves too. So maybe that truly is the answer but we just want something that sounds better? :P

The funny thing is that I tend to have this feeling towards everything.. so for example if I see your upset I'll try to make things better any way I can.

Its a nice way to live always wanting to be better, it causes me to always push to succeed.. however when you fail at something it does show that it affected me bad.
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