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A new way of thinking of god

I started a post a long while ago and never actually got round to finishing it... So while sitting with 3 hours to kill before work I decided to re-read it and try and add some more to it.

I have been dissing the topic of god a lot lately with a few believers and a few non-believers.

No matter how I look at the theory of god, I always see a flaw.
If you want to see why I think this then feel free to read this post…

Now seeing as it’s me, I couldn't just sit there and listen to how god is the perfect answer when I see so many flaws. So my brain started working overtime again.

After much thought, I have come up with a new belief system that actually makes sense.

Now seeing as my mind worked over time to come up with the solution, it hasn't been put into words that can explain it fully yet but this is where I will try to explain what went through my head and how I see the answer.

I haven't perfected the explanation of it verbally or with notes. However I have made a start on trying to explain it and I will allow you all to read it. The more I update the easier it should be to understand.

By all means you do not have to believe I am right and you don't have to start believing what I say.

The reason for this post is as always, just to try and explain how my mind works.

This belief system was thought up because so many people follow science and so many others follow religion but for some reason you can’t combine the two.

If you follow religion then science finds too many paradoxes’ in it and makes it unbelievable (in my opinion).
If you follow science then you still don't get all the answers you are looking for but a lot more is explained.

I thought about the both of them and came up with this...

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Eternal Phoenix

What is the Eternal Phoenix?
The Eternal Phoenix is the name given to my new kind of belief. This belief both works on the basis of science and god like belief. The two are combined together to make a logical belief system where the arguments from both sides are supported and a balance is made.

Things needed from the God point of view:

Attributes to a God:
1.     Omniscience (Infinite knowledge),
2.   Omnipotence (Unlimited power),
3.   Omnipresence (Present everywhere),
4.   Omni benevolence (Perfect goodness)
5.   Divine simplicity (Without parts)
6.   Eternal and Necessary Existence. (Will and has always been there, and is needed to exist)
7.   Incorporeal (Without a body)
8.   Personal Being (Relates to the person)
9.   The Source of all Moral Obligation (Defines right and wrong)
10.The Greatest Conceivable Existent (The most powerful and important thing to ever exist)

These attributes are found in nearly every god, and it is these things that define such thing as a god like figure. For example, if I had all those attributes then I would technically be classed as a god

Things about existence with a god:
God created everything.
There is a heaven and a hell.
We all have a spirit/Life source.

Things needed from the science point of view:

A few science facts:

1.   Absolute Truth (True for all people at all times, universally true)
2.   Law of Logic (Ref A)
3.   Law of Mathematics (Ref B)
4.   Laws of Science (Ref C)
5.   The Nature of Laws (Ref D)
6.   Conservation of Energy Law (Ref E)
7.   Annihilation (Ref F)
8.   Energy exists
9.   We evolve
10.Time exists
11.Our mind holds our memories and our memories define us and our actions

  • (Ref A)An example of a law of logic is the law of non-contradiction. This law states, for instance, that it cannot both be true and false. I am standing up but sitting down also. I like to eat tuna but I hate eating fish.
  • (Ref B)No matter what you do, or how you say it, if you have 2 of something and add 2 more of the same thing you will always end up with 4 of that thing. No matter what you do or say this will always be true, even if you called 2 X and the other 2 Y you will still end up with X+Y.
  • (Ref C)Laws of science are basically descriptions of what matter does based on repeated observations, and are usually expressed in mathematical equations. An example of a law of science is the law of gravity. Using the law of gravity, we can predict how fast a heavier than air object will fall to the ground given all the factors for the equation.
  • (Ref D)Laws are not made of matter but are rather a non-physical thing. They are things that exist but that can’t be touched, seen or created. They are there to help us understand things and are the same throughout everything. For example 2+2 =4 not because that’s how we humans see it but because that’s how it just is. Even on a planet far away where different life forms may exist they will still say x+x=2x. It is a universal thing, and they will never change. The only thing that will change is how we perceive them.
  • (Ref E) One thing that scientists have proved is the law of “Conservation of Energy”. What this means is that the total amount of energy to exist in a closed off existence is a constant. A consequence of this law is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another. Albert Einstein proved that mass is a form of energy and that it can change from mass to another energy using the theory of relativity. Matter particles (Atoms), and energy particles (Light) can change from one to another. However, this conversion does not affect the total energy in a closed off existence.
  • (Ref F) When a subatomic particle collides with its antiparticle it creates nothing. Since energy must be a constant the two particles are not actually made into nothing but rather into a new particle where when you add the quantum numbers from both particles the outcome is zero. This is known as “Annihilation”.

If you don’t understand any of the above things from the god or science point of view please feel free to do some research on them to understand this belief system fully.

How this belief works:

At the very beginning.

They say that in the beginning there was nothing.
Well firstly to say in the beginning there was nothing you are assuming that there is a beginning.

I personally can’t wrap my head around the science idea that there was never a beginning and will never be an end because time is a constant that never started and will never end.

A Christian point to view I found interesting was this:

“Time exists when matter exists. Time has even been called the fourth dimension.
But God is not matter. In fact, God created matter. He created the universe.
So, time began when God created the universe. Before that, God simply existed and time had no meaning”

With this in mind they state that time was created when god created matter. This would mean that there was a beginning. The beginning would have been when the first piece of matter was created.

Now I then looked at it from a science point of view.

Time = What we perceive based on changes from one thing to another. 
X changes into Y
Because X changes to Y it must have some form of movement.
If there was no movement at all, it would not be able to change from X to Y. (Movement is a form of energy)
So based on this, Time exists because of movement... 
If everything froze, and by everything I mean every Particle, Atom, Quark etc, and nothing was able to move at all, but somehow our consciousness continued to work. We would record the time that passed, because our conscious thoughts could keep a record by doing something like counting in seconds. 
If everything froze (every particle, atom, quark etc) we would have no conscious thought, and so because of this, what we perceive to be time would no longer exist.

So no matter what point of view you look at it from time must have started somewhere.

The way we can explain this would be like so.

Time has always and will always exist, however it has not always been in motion.
Energy has and will always exist. (Movement is caused by energy)

So time exists as long as at least some of the energy that exists is movement energy.

With this being the case I can now say...

When all the energy in existence is anything but movement energy then time = 0 (It’s at a standstill)

As soon as one single part of that energy changes into movement energy time then starts.

If all the energy stopped moving and became some other form of energy other than movement energy, then there would be no movement and so time would stop.

So when they say that in the beginning there was nothing. In some way they were right, but in another way they were wrong. As we have proved with “Conservation of Energy Law” (Ref E) even at the start of time its self (If there ever was a start), energy existed.

So at the beginning of creation/existence the only thing to exist would be one huge source of energy. All the energy that we have in our existence, including all the energy across the universe and beyond (if there is a beyond), and it has and always will exist. It had no form and may not have done anything but none the less it existed.

The thing is that although this huge amount of energy existed it was also nothingness.

With the “Annihilation” (Ref F) concept we can say that this huge source of energy had a value of 0 becoming nothing.

So in the beginning there was actually nothing, but this nothing was just all of the energy in existence all paired together to create nothing rather than actually being nothing. It is also possible for this nothing particle to have a “Center of momentum frame”. This means that it has zero velocity. (No movement).

So, if all of this energy had a movement of zero then time had yet to start.

So before the beginning of time…

This energy was everywhere (Omnipresence), because it was everywhere and it was energy it was unlimited power (Omnipotence).
This energy didn’t have a mass or parts to it (Incorporeal and Divine simplicity).
Being energy we also prove that it will and has always been there, and is needed to exist (Eternal and Necessary Existence) and with it being the one thing that makes existence possible it’s the most powerful and important thing to ever exist (The Greatest Conceivable Existent).

This energy source has now already taken on a lot of the attributes required to be god. To keep things simple we will give this energy source a reference name. We shall call it the “Entity”.

Now the Entity is everything in existence but also nothing. So how does it create everything that we see before us now? Just as god was said to have created the world, this proves how the world was created by the Entity.

The “Conservation of Energy Law” (Ref E) states that one energy, be it Light, Sound, Heat, Kinetic, Electrical or any of the many other energies can change into any of the other energies, including particles that make up atoms.

By splitting just one of the nothing particles it would cause a chain reaction causing others around it to also split up and change from the nothing particle into a new form of energy or mass.
This new form of energy or mass could be anything from a new atom that could be used to create an element or it could change into a form of heat energy that also affects the others around it. Either way a new thing had been created.

Think of the splitting process like this.. you have nothing.. a zero... emptiness.

Now if we look at this on a number line you will see what I mean.

-10,-9,-8,-7,-6,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10

Our nothing energy particle is sat here at 0.
Now if we take 1 from nothing you would assume that’s not possible, but this is where it gets explained. 
On the number line if you take one from it you have 1 and it is left with -1
This states how the nothing energy can become something else. 
We now have a +1 particle and a -1 particle from something that was 0. All one of these new particles needs is to have movement and it has started off time, not only this but it will also bump into other nothing particles and make them change.

Now this conforms to the idea of the big bang. When the first nothing from the Entity splits it would cause a chain reaction around it where loads of energy is released. This would also be where scientist believe the centre of the universe is.

As you may know when you have a chain reaction that spreads outwards what happens is at first it spreads fast covering a small area around it. Following this it then continues to spread further and further out but with less and less of an effect. With this however the effect would be the same.

Say in one second it had converted a meter of nothingness around it to a new form of energy, then in the next second it would still cover another meter of nothingness but because it would be spreading out in a 360° radius it would convert even more and more as it goes.  

This also explains why the universe is constantly expanding….

So... We have now explained how time started, why there would be a center point of the universe, how other partials, atoms and such would be made.

If we follow the same principals of the big bang we then end up with planets, suns, star dust etc eventually leading to the creation of DNA and then to us..

A lot of people ho believe in a religion seem to believe that for some reason (although we have a lot of proof that it has and will happen) that evolution never happened. Apparently we were created in Gods image... Well.... If we take the Entity (this mass of energy) as what you would perceive as God, then in fact all those people would be right as well as wrong..

For you see, we are made up of many bits of mass and energy all wound tightly together to create us. With that being said we are made up of the exact same things that this Entity was made of. So we are in fact just like the Entity (God).. I would rather not call It god. Due to the fact that a lot of people would be sitting there going "But god created everything, so he/she/other must have had a consciousness in order to do that".. My response would simply be. "Really?"

But anyway..

So as I was saying we are made up of the same stuff as the Entity and there for we are in some way MADE in its image, however due to us being a mixture of mass and energy we have taken on a new form where we view ourselves as "Human".

Now I'm going to side track slightly to go and cover a few other things that belief systems usually pass across...

Explain here about how the Entity links in with:
Praying to god - subconsciousness
A bit of god in all of us - Entity
Death/rebirth - Movement of energy from one to another

(To be expanded on)

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