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Time Travel Memory...

Well now a previous post has distracted me slightly I'm not too sure this will have all the info that I previously wanted to post, so I may take a while to get back in the mind set and explain things clearly...


So as some of you may know Stephen Hawking spoke about Tiny Worm holes.
I would like it if at all possible for you to watch this video up to 2:28 to help you understand where my thoughts lead me.

Now.. if you have watched that video please continue to read, if not then try to hang in with me and if you get lost, try watching the video.

So as you know there are so many worm holes everywhere and so small that we cant do anything with them.
That's fine by me but it got me thinking.

If these wormholes are EVERYWHERE.. which I believe to be true then they are also inside of us.
Inside our hands, feet, mouth and even brain.

Now with that being said.. you also can't pass things through them as they are reallllly small. So you wont have new atoms passing in and out of your brain, and you wont have new protons, neutrons or electrons passing in and out of these wormholes.

But something could be passing through them?

Now here's a thought.
What if the thing that makes us us and able to think move talk, and believe we live.. well what if it was actually that small? What if it was the smallest thing to exist ever.
In this case it could pass between them, and it could always alter things when it does pass through.

I'll back up for a second and let you catch up with my thoughts..

A wormhole opens up inside out brain... (I'm just using one for now as an example..
Now something small enough passes from where ever it was through that hole and into our brain. Now the fact that it exists there and wasn't a few x's ago (seconds minutes etc) means that its going to affect the stuff around it..

For example.. lets follow the laws of science and make things bigger. (Theory of Relativity)

If a wormhole opened up in our solar system and a planet popped out of it then it would cause a change...
Other planets may start to move out of orbit to collide with this new planet, it might get pulled into the sun causing an explosion.... Either way no matter what happens, we can safely say things change.

Now if we make it smaller.. and say we have a atom, and a wormhole opened up and spat out a electron. That electron would also change the Atom and how it would normally act.

So whats to say that even on the small scale of the real worm holes in the video shown above that they wouldn't change things.
Personally I think they would.

Now that made my mind wander on many other ideas but here are a few I would like to share with you...

These ideas work on memories.

Idea 1

We can safely say that a part of our brain deals with memories, and we seem to remember some things but forget others.

Now what if memories were stored like AVI files. (Stay with me here)
Each memory cell is like a file.
It holds information on many things all at once. (quantum computer idea forming... but I'll possibly write and idea for that at a later date :D)

Basically your memory cell could hold the information of an emotion, a sound, a time/date, a x,y,z, an a,b,c and many other things.. a bit like a struct of data (bit of code talk there sorry)

Now this cell has many parts of information all held in this one cell and when you link it with another cell it adds to the memory a new piece of emotion, a sound, a time/date, a x,y,z, an a,b,c.... this causes a movie like thing to be created..

for example Scene 1 and scene 2,3,4,5,6 etc.. link them ALL together and you get a memory of your entire life..

Now say one of these cells is damaged.. you would forget that scene/memory/part... or say it was modified.. you may have a new scene/memory/part...

Now using the idea that these wormholes no matter how small they are they change things.. what if they are what causes you to forget bits of information...
OR remember.

By remember I mean DeJa view..
What if, a wormhole opened up and sent something from the future back into your mind and it was a memory link (something that when it links with a memory cell it causes you to have a memory.)

(Computer talk for a sec)
You have memory and if its empty you can use it.. but when you add something to it you can access it using a function.. now what if some how the function was used to access a memory location that was empty but in the future will be filled with information..
Of cause you would see nothing... but if a wormhole was present it might fill that memory with future memory data.
(Computer ish talk over)

So maybe these wormholes can cause deja view...

ALSO idea 2..

What if the worm holes open when you have a mass of energy... and they link to many other times and dimensions.
While you're sleeping the energy could be stored in your mind seeing as your not using it for motion and that could cause you to access stuff subconsciously causing you to have dreams.. or memories of things that happen in another dimension or time... or its a idea memory that then gains a visual, emotional, and sound link rather than just a thought on its own...??? so many things could be possible.

There are just too many things to type about and my brain has thought of thousands of other ideas.. and while typing I can't think quick enough... well that or I can't type as fast as I think :P

Ether way I shall end this post here and maybe add a few new ideas when I have time..
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