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Some People ¬_¬

Some people just don't seem to think about their actions.

That or they do but they don't seem to understand that it has an impact on other people as well as them self.

I know that a few of you that read this will see this as a dig at you, but the only reason you would see this as a dig would be if you think that something you did or do causes me to get to a stage where I have to vent about people like you causing my mind to want to explode.

I won't go into too much detail as its not really needed, all you need to know is that this blog was designed for me to express the ways in which my brain works.
It is not here to be a 100% perfect answer to problems, and its not going to have things that are 100% true and possible..

For example I could say "Wouldn't it be awesome if we could get the DNA from the largest bird in the world and mutate that DNA so that we could link it with ours thus allowing a human to have wings."

The above sentence could be possible or not.
Whether it is or not is irrelevant, the whole point it was typed up onto this page for you to read is because its something that went through my mind, and so I blogged about it so that you can understand how my mind thinks and works..

The sentence is not there for people to troll and state facts as to why it wont ever happen..

If this blog was for that then I would have looked into all the facts first before posting, and stated that it is or is not possible due to X, Y and Z.
(If I wanted to post something and have it shat all over and be called stupid, I would have posted on 4Chan and been called a "candy-ass newfag" for not posting something that has 100% facts to back it up ¬_¬)

This takes me to my point..

Its not just people who post on blogs in a trollish manor to try and make the other people around them seem stupid..This ramble...or should I say dig... is aimed at all those people that just have to be better at everything than everyone else even if their not.

You people make me sick!!

I may sound like I'm trying to make myself sound better than all of you however I have flaws..
This I accept.

My spelling sucks ass, my vocabulary is limited due to this (bad spelling caused me to type shorter and easier words)
Yes I could use a dictionary/spell check or a thesaurus but what good is that to me when my mind just doesn't learn the spelling of the word I need.
I see it there, I know what it is and what it looks like, but remove the word and I'm screwed at trying to re spell it.

So yeah my spelling is shit, I need glasses, I can't seem to understand peoples emotions through empathy as well as others can due to thinking logically, I have issues when it comes to doing things that are hard to understand, I think too much about everything, I don't fit in with "the norm"
These are some of the "minor" flaws I have but they are flaws nonetheless..

But you people that have to try and be better than us all are fucking stupid.
Can't you see that by having to point out the flaws in everyones work and thoughts is just one of your many flaws?
Maybe for once rather than pointing out why people are stupid and always wrong you should just say something like
"I don't agree but I like your thoughts"?

I mean how would you like if if everything you said no matter how stupid or smart you thought it was, what if it was torn up in your face spat on and someone said thats a fucking stupid thought for all these reasons....

It would anger you would it not?

Im all for people trying to help others out and expand their knowledge but come on.. shitting on EVERYTHING they say or think?

I make this mistake on odd occasions I admit.. Not too long ago I pissed off a friend by modding their minecraft work when I thought I was helping. Turns out I wasn't and they thought I was shitting all over their work.
A simple misunderstanding but something that frustrated us both.

To have that issue with every comment you make is beyond frustrating... its almost worthy of a lash out.

So to all of you that just have to have the last (correct) word, and for all those that "are never wrong"..
Please for the love of god think before you shit on people's comments...

I expect the haters to hate in time.. but remember "This entry contains my thoughts, if you honestly dare to read it and manage to understand all that I have explained in this post, try to remember that we all have random and crazy thoughts in our head and that we should not be judged by them but rather the actions we make because of them."
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