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So its been awhile...

Ok so other than the post a few days ago that was actually a convo I had had with some friends back in October (I think), I haven't really posted anything new.

Bit of a shame really seeing as I have had so many things go through my head over the past few months that I really should have blogged about them.

One of the major topics that people have been talking about is the world ending in 2012. Now although I do find it slightly interesting, I also find peoples views on it extremely stupid or annoying.
Here's a few things that grab my attention about the 2012 world ending topic and my views on it.

1. OK first thing first. Say the world is going to end on the date they stated and everything is true...
Well that leads me to one thing. IF it is all true, we don't actually know until it happens, or starts showing some serious effects like a commit or a shite load of floods. So by that time it would most likely be too late to do whatever you wanted to do with you life. (Awww what a shame) however if we are all going to die then why panic?

That's the main thing that confuses me.  O_o

I mean you know you're going to die, its not like anything you can do will change it so why start panicking about the fact that you are going to die? Sure you could have had a longer life and done more with it and its a bit shitty that now you can't but why when its inevitable start worrying and panicking about it..? You cant change it?

This leads me into my second point...

2. My second point is this.. If I say to you I bet you £1,000,000 that we will live through it then I win.

Fact is you only have to pay me if I win and we all live, however if we all die then you in and I owe you £1,000,000.. but wait a second we're all dead.. so I can't pay you and you don't need it.
To if you want something to happen then say to someone "If we all are still alive after 2012 then X all the Y" This means that you could say anything and you get it ;)

3. Like hell are we going to die in 2012. Ok I have to admit that there have been a load of bad things happening to the planet over the past few years however that doesn't mean that the world is ending. It just means that shits going down. In all honesty anything could happen.. the ice caps could melt, the world could become too warm and loads of changes to the planet could happen... but this doesn't mean the end of the world ¬_¬

4. The most obvious point of it all... We will die on day X of month X of year Y.
This has to be the biggest load of crap ever in existence.. (wait I correct myself there.. some people believe in god). Sure the mayans had a calendar that ended on the day they state the world will end. but their callender couldn't go on for infinity, so it was bound to end at some point.. even if it was in another 100 years it would HAVE to end some day.. That doesn't mean that on that day we will die.

I heard about this Neberu planet (or something like that) and how its heading towards earth and we will have 3 days of night.. I have to admit after watching plenty of videos my interest peaked.. I thought it was a awesome idea, very well thought out and would be awesome to see.. but the  major flaw is when they link it to the world ending... IF it exists then sure it could give us 3 days of nights if it passes between us and the sun.. sure it could tilt our axis, but to end the world on the same day as predicted.. I think not.

My final point (although I have many more) to stop my rambling... is this.

5. ¬_¬ if the world is going to end on x,x,2012 and the mayans predicted this then we must be off by a long shot.. seeing as back in the day ( :P ) the mayans would have had a different way of keeping time.. For example we used to have 13 months back when the romans were about.. We also didn't always have daylight savings... There is also a extra day every 4 years. Did they take all those factors into account?

All in All I can't see the world ending in 2012.. It just seems improbable to almost an impossible state.

but hey If we do die on that day I'll buy you all a pint ;)
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