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Evolution Of Ideas

I was thinking today that its quite amusing that you can never have a idea that stays set.

You see an idea is one of those things that just like life it seems to evolve over time.
Sometimes it changes for the better other times for the worse, but its a always changing thing.

For example:
If you ever had a idea for a game or a book, it would have taken you minutes to have come up with the idea, however as you think about the game/book the story that you had for it will grow/change/evolve into something either better or worse.

Now this got me thinking..

Im all in support of Anonymous and their idea of "Freedom Of Speech" but seeing as this is an Idea we come to that fork in the road where it will want to evolve.
You see many people hear the idea and have their own ideas that they want to add to it. The popular one being listened to and many agreeing on and the not so popular ones being frowned upon.
Either way the starting point of the idea has changed some what.

So where does the change end?

When I have an idea I usually spend some time mastering it or letting it grow naturally. This happens for some time and then I ether finish doing most of what I had planned thus saying that I have completed my idea, OR I end up getting a little way through it and abandoning it all together.

But with a Idea wits as many people as there are behind Anonymous, where will it end and stop changing?

As it is we (sorry Anon) have loads of sub Operations, and these are just new ideas thrown into the original plan to apparently help with the main idea of freedom of speech. Now this is all well and good, but how long until a new idea gets thrown in that people agree with that's no longer following the same main idea of freedom of speech.. EG. Make drugs legal ¬_¬

So Ideas although a great thing, they would be better if you could actually put a boundary on them so they can not expand any more than needed. Thus allowing you to finish off an idea and complete it without it expanding into something completely different.
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