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Giving advice to people

Sometimes it seems like all your friends could use a helping hand with problems they face along their way.

Thing is it seems that no matter how right or wrong you may be they will always go with their opinion over yours.

It seems strange.
You have some people that have problems and don't ask for any help from people.
These people generally are grateful for any help that they do receive and would bend over backwards to help you even if you don't ask for help, and then you seem to have the stupid ones that ask for help but don't seem to want it in the first place.

Where is the logic in that?

For a start, it doesn't matter if the person giving help is right or wrong you should still allow them to have their say and use that information they give you to come out with a better solution and answer that the one you had without their input, and secondly, why bother asking for a opinion if you're not going to take it in and use it to better your outcome.

I now believe that 90% of people fail at solving problems because they don't seem to listen to the many sides of the dice, and would rather go with the first off guess they made whether right or wrong.

This has however helped me to realise that I should respect everyone's opinion and take heed in what they have to say as they may have a valid point.

All thoughts expressed here are just thoughts and not the actions of a mad man
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