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Pre Warning Seems Only Fair...

Hello again everyone.

I stated that I would like to use this blog as a way for people to understand me better ,and I will most likely let it become the bridge from what you think im thinking, and what im actually thinking.
Feel free to use this bridge to cross over into the strange mind of Musical-Phoenix/Genuine Guardian, however I thought it only wise that I gave you all a word of warning first.

Many things that go through my head are so spontaneous and random that they have no meaning whatsoever. The only reason these pointless thoughts pass through my mind is so that I don't find myself sitting there not thinking about anything.

I like the term "I think therefore I am"... Its quite clever.
In my case, if I was to stop thinking about random things for even a minute or so and my mind was to become blank, I would feel uneasy at the fact that I currently have nothing in my mind.
However this then would make me chuckle as I realise that I have just thought about how odd it was that I had nothing in my mind and thus created a thought.
Therefore I exist.

Anyway... Getting back on topic.

Like I say many of my thoughts have no reason for being there they are just seem to exist to fill up my mind.
But I do however have many thoughts about the situations I'm in and the things I see.
These thoughts will most likely be expressed in my blog, and that's when it occurred to me.

What if people get offended by the thoughts in my head??!?

Well its safe to say a few people will most likely be offended, angry, worried or may even feel some form of hate towards one or more of my posts.
However I am going to make sure that every post I do from now onwards will warn you that you may not like what you read, however it is what's currently floating about in the vast emptiness of my mind, and that I can't help how I think.
It's just how I am.
Just as you all have many thoughts you know would upset others if they heard them, and so therefore keep them to yourself.

So to sum this post up...

You have been warned that you are about to enter my mind and anything you may feel while reading these posts are irrelevant.
I will still be the same person after you read a post however you will most likely see how I came to react to the situations like I have done ^_^
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