Wednesday, 19 January 2011

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Online Buying

Yeah thats the thoughts that ran through my head when I realised what the hell I had done.

Decided it would be a cool idea to buy a few things online...
Awesome, thought, however the thing I was after you could only get from a few sites.
These sites are hidden and hard to find due to the nature of what they sell.. (nothing rude or illegal)

So there I was looking really bloody hard to find a site that sold a real copy of this product that I was after when I stumbled upon one that looked fine.
I had been checking it against fake sites and testing every page to see if it was ok or not and it seemed fine.

Decided to put in a order for this product with them so I should get it rather soon.
I was going through the order process and it all seemed to be going fine.

Got to the final page where you click Pay now, clicked it, payment went through.. I had used pay pal too so I thought I had nothing to worry about.

A day or so later and I hadn't received my tracking number like I was told I should of.
Seemed odd, so I emailed them.
Needless to say there was no reply...

2 days passed with no reply so at this point I began to worry.
I decided to google the company only to find words like SCAM and FAKE all over the main search pages.


So what could I do.. It was my own fault, I shouldn't of rushed it and should of been more careful... but with this product being so rare it was looking so good.
I emailed them again, this time marking it as urgent and with the subject [Issue] with order.

Needless to say that after my polite email I wondered if I was just wasting my time.
Slightly worried by now that it was fake I decided to hunt again.

This time I took my time and found a site that was trusted and funny enough cheaper ¬_¬

I placed a order for the product as I was sure that I had been scammed on the other site.
I thought "Oh never mind its only £12 ish and I can contact PayPal and get it sorted if need be"

So everything seemed to be going fine other than my stupid move of buying the product on a dodgy site.

But then something amazing happened...
I got a email...
They had received my product..
I should receive a email with a tracking number shortly...

And before you knew it *BING* one tracking number email...

What a fucker..
Not only did I place another order on a trusted site but the dodgy site seems to be fine V_V

I now have two of the product on its way and yet I only need one..
Sods law I suppose.
I guess internet buying isn't always that easy.

P.S. (Still not 100% sure I will receive the product from the dodgy site though as they might of just sent a email to shut me up.... I'll just have to wait and see.)

UPDATE: I did in fact get the product and it was good.. but I now have 2 and I only needed 1 :')
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