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Nintendo game idea dream.


I just had the worlds most epic Nintendo nerd dream.
I woke up and was actually dissapointed that it doesnt exist =[

Here is what I drempt..
I'll try and throw in a few images if I can so that you can get a better idea of what it was I saw and was doing...

Firstly take a game like zelda on a gameboy and its 2D images all updated to look amazing like in the image shown bellow..

Then take this kind of game (Zelda like graphics) and have it played on the screen of a smallish tablet like DS..

I would have used the image above and photoshopped it so that you get a idea of the size of the screen, however after a quick google search I find these ideas and burst out laughing as its almost exactly like I dreamed..

So you have that kind of a hand held with a game with Zelda 2D graphics..
I'll try and show you a idea of this using my quick photoshop skillz..

Now that's the hand held and the game look all in one..

But the actual game idea was awesome too..

Take Zelda/Mario and Pokemon then mix them together with some added FF7 etc..

Right time to try and explain.

As you can see in the image I made, you have a screen on the bottom. This is the touch screen and on it is the map and your character.. unlike with DS games at the moment. To move about you simply tapped on that spot and your character walked to that place.. OR you drag your finger over the screen to see your character move in the direction your finger was relative to the player.

However if you held down a button on the screen then when you tap a location they long jumped to that area in order to cover large distances..

The reason for this was because the map was SO BIG..
There was a world map like in FF7 that you could walk about and then find towns and stuff, and when you entered a town it then loaded up the huge town/world map for that area..

This is where Mario slightly links in..
Think of the original mario world map, where you had world 1-1 and 1-2 and you would move to one of them press to start that level and then off you go running about to get coins and complete that level..

Well think of that map

Then make it a free roam map like Zelda

BUT as big as ff7's world map.

Something like this (quick photoshopping skillz...)
Please click it to see it better..

Hopefully from the above image you can understand how HUGE this game was..
Then not only do you have the Mario/FF7/Zelda theme but you then had EVERY single Pokemon that ever has been created in it. Currently 648 I believe..

And you had to wander about the map doing quests like Zelda/Mario/Most RPG's like Xenoblade, while also collecting coins that pop up out of the grass and box's like Mario/Zelda..
AND you had to battle/collect Pokemon.

However even this was different..
You would wander about the towns and world map and when a battle happens it flicks in like FF7 with a cut scene into a battle arena where there was you on one side and the Pokemon on the other.

If you had Pokemon you could send out up to 3 of them to fight for you but you could also attack yourself (so if you didn't have a Pokemon) you could attack with what ever you had equipped like a stick or a sword or a chain...

This meant you had a ff7 like battle system but also cross pokemon O_O

One added thing that made things a little more complex was that if you had to fight 3 Pokemon at once you could only catch the last one you killed..

So if you were fighting A, B and C and you wanted C you would have to keep them alive till last to you could catch them.. if you tried to catch them with the other two about then they would set it free and it wold run.

If you killed it you couldn't catch it..


The best part of this game was that it was multiplayer wireless ON THE SAME SCREEN!!!

Basically like in 4 swords you could play this game on your handheld and a friend could join your game and play with you on the same map but on their hand held..

You could wander off and do your own things then meet up when ever you felt like it to ether help mid battle or to fight each other.. basically the game would allow you to wander about like single player but with other people doing the same thing on the same map..

You know when you had NPC's on pokemon and they stood there and when you walked close to them they attacked you and how in zelda they walk about aimlessly.. Well link the two together but rather than NPC's its other players around the world.. and if they see you they can ether fight you (you can decline) or they can party up with you and you can quest together like MMO's do..


If only this game existed =[
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