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Gotye Someone that I used to know

Hello everyone...

Lately I have heard this song by this guy called "Gotye" and its called "Someone that I used to know"

Personally i find the song highly depressing to listen to and I prefer some of his other tracks. Although that being said I'm not a huge fan of his music..

Although his music video that goes with "Someone that I used to know" made me lol quite a bit this morning when I realized that you could change a few of the lyrics and add in a layer over the top of the video to make it highly amusing..

If you have watched it you will have realized that he gets "Cut" up into sections and they are all different colours..

Well it reminded me of "Paint by numbers"
Like this one..

Im quite sure that if someone made a video of his music video but with numbers on each of the sections when they get coloured in and changed the lyrics to something like...

But you didn't have to cut me up
Make me black and white and and say I am something
That you have to colour in
But you colour in the picture until you say that's enough
Now it's your turn to have a go
Have to pick up a pen and change it colour according to its number
But because I am a video
This vid is a colour by number show.

It actually fits close enough

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