Tuesday, 1 May 2012

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Moving Forward

Well.. made the call today.. got to make one more call to make for the last bit of info, then find the position I defo want and call up and apply..

6-9 Months from applying I'll be gone.. No idea where to or for how long but at least I'll be moving forward and bettering myself.

I have to do this..
Not for work.. not for money and not for anything physical.. but for me.. for my mind to settle and for me to finally be able to move forward in life and have a chance of reaching some sort of stable goal.

Short post I know but such a relief...

EDIT1: Call two made...
Just the perfect position to be chosen now.. Wrong choice could be a major issue..

EDIT2: Position found... Just need to make the last call...
Work in 25 mins too.. better get ready for work.. I can make the call anytime now :P

UPDATE: Need to get fitter first =[
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