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Me, Myself and My Mind

Dear My Mind

Today I have some quite disappointing news to tell you.
Currently you have left me in a world of confusion. You have given me my ups and my downs without warning and over the past few hours you have sent me in to a Whirlpool of confusion.

I am writing to you in order to query why it is that you do these things to me when it would be so much easier to be normal like everyone else and just get on with things simply and calmly would it not?

Maybe we could come to some agreement as to what steps to take in future so that things don't end up as hectic as they are now. Possibly you could stop thinking about things in so much depth or maybe you could just stop thinking all together?

These are just a few ideas I had as to how you could cooperate with me better and maybe we would get along.

Yours faithfully


Dear Human-being

I regret to inform you that although your intentions are good and your suggestions understandable I can not co-operate with you at this moment in time.

You see I have stumbled across things that I had hidden away at the very back that have gotten me very interested and curious about so many things, and because of this I am forced to keep thinking about everything and anything until I know what to make of this new thought.

By all means you can listen in to my processes and ramblings and even allow yourself to blog about it in order to get a better understanding of what is going on however you will not understand anything until I have finished and come to a conclusion.

Due to this being the case I would like you to please leave me to my own devices and wait until I figure it all out before trying to force things upon me that I can't quite deal with.

Yours sincerely
Your Mind


Dear Mind

Shut the fuck up and listen..
When ever you go off on a random thought path it always ends up with you disregarding all important things until you have a answer to your puzzle. This is dangerous and can cause your other plans to veer off track and possibly even damage you in the long run.

Currently I am this close to lashing out on people and objects because I feel like I have no control over anything I say or do. This needs to stop and you need to get your act together.

I like the fact that you have something to do in your spare time however it has gone past your spare time and is now  all you ever think about. So much so that I don't believe that you are even thinking about it in a logical way any more and its become more of a game of wit than a puzzle.

Please stop this urge to perfect everything in my life and just let me see how things go.
You over complicate everything and cause me to doubt so much, when you could just do something and see what happens.



Dear Human-being

You speak much truth there and I sort of believe what you say. However without proper thought about what your actions will be things could come crashing down on you and even I wont be able to save you from it all.

I made you who we are today and I intend to use my experience to better our-self.
However I am willing to let you try and prove me wrong.. A little distraction might be worth a laugh for a bit.

Feel free to do as you please without me thinking about anything at all, and when you fuck up expect me to be shouting at you telling you that you "should have thought it through better" and that "sitting back and seeing what happens might not be the best thing to do"

Finally yours
Your Mind
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