Tuesday, 8 May 2012

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Back on track?

Im starting this blog at 11:10PM on the 8th..

When I finish I have no idea.. However I do have to be at work for 7am on the 9th ¬_¬ 7 hours 50 minutes..

Current status is hazy... not clear but still some path noticeable.

Over the past few days, things have been quite different.. I have a vague idea as to why this would be and will not be attempting to change it in anyway what so ever.

Friendships seem to be going great, been hanging out with a few people and seeing more people than usual. Even been introduced to a new bunch of people not so far from where I hang out anyway :P

Social status seems to be fine if not exceeding usual, and with work taking up a lot of my time I still manage to talk to the important people making sure they are ok and happy.. and if not manage to help or at least reassure them that I'm here for them..

Current mindset is iffy... not normal and yet normal all at the same time.

Lifestyle is simple, short and sweet, with no need to tamper with its workings as of yet.

Fitness is booked in and linked with social for a better use of time and tasking and steps are in place for long term fixing of health.

Just realized that my mind is at rest... If i try to think of something....(tries to think of something)... the only thing that goes round in my head is the word "Something"...

Complete bliss although lack of sleep.. but then that is fixed by last day at work and more free time to patch up health.

Current mindset is focused on Friendships, Physical Health and Structure.
Not much time for entertainment other than relaxation of a series before sleep or he social experiences of outside..

All in all... life is good =]
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