Tuesday, 1 May 2012

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My Mindless Music

It seems that the one thing I can rely on to distract me from anything is still my music.. thank god I have so much.

Have been listening to so much music over the past few days but this morning has really helped. It was only when the electrician turned up that I realized how well my music stops my mind from thinking.

May need to put on some more new songs soon though.. my playlist is getting a tad over played.

Only problem is I can never have my music loud enough =/


Give me a day to myself and my PC and the amount of things I do with music on is amazing.. turn it off and I hit facebook and youtube and nothing more.

Its making me think more about this years download.
Currently i can't go due to my holidays and no ticket.. but I can hopefully get my holidays changed so I can go.. just need the ticket and transport....

Ticket I can do.. just gotta save money :P easy.. transport is another matter all together, but there has to be some way.. even if I get train?

In the mean time.. I better get started on that Planner...
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