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A soppy post about my future...

I had a talk with good friend one day while shattered from running..
I explained that I want my life to have a impact and to make a difference. The world would be boring if nothing changed and progressed forward.

Now as much as I would love to be the one who makes that change I know its not going to happen.. I have been put in a situation and place where I can't really reach as high as I would like to.
Think of my life as a rock wall face.. My goal sitting high at the top waiting for me to reach it and make a change. but currently I am so far down that the holes in the wall i need to progress forwards are few and tiny, so i struggle.

I will however progress as much as I can in making my goal closer to me..

I know it wont be me that makes a change, however I live for one thing.
I want my children to be able to reach their goals in life and possibly make a difference and change something in the way we life our life..
Be it creating something new, finding out something new or seen doing something outstanding.. what ever it is they wish to do I will make it possible.

I will work my ass off every day progressing forward and bettering myself so that they can have the best start in life possible.

Once there I will help them learn as much as possible from counting and spelling to understanding facial expressions and logical thinking.

I have some truly amazing friends who I hope will grow old with me in their life. I also hope that they will help me educate my children in ways which I can not, allowing them to see things from many angles and thinking n so many different ways..

My life my not be remembered... My life may not be famous... My life my not be exciting... BUT... My life will hopefully create a life that will have the chance to be remembered, to be famous or to be exciting. My life will not be wasted, but rather used to help in the progression of life no matter  what the final outcome of life may be for us all.

I wont be the one to make a difference.....

But I hope that some day I helped with that difference being possible =)


My vision....

I get myself in a stable state of mind with a house, a job and a fantastic relationship who also has a enjoyable and stable job..
Once in this stable state we can plan to have children and they will be protected from the worries of money and accommodation..
I shall teach them from a young age to speak and count by talking to them as though already grown up and mature. I will help them in any way possible while also allowing them to struggle slightly to understand taht some things aren't easy..
Once speech is developed and they communicate well I shall help them grow their knowledge of everything I can teach them from Algebra and Geography to Computers and Science.
I shall teach them to look for answers while sing facts to back up ideas.. They shall learn from other around them to expand on what they know.. Hopefully all thus before they reach High School.

People I wish them to meet and learn from:
Jack my dear brother (their one day uncle) can teach them to understand science from big to small, he shall be able to surpass me in so many ways when it comes to understanding the way the universe works allowing them to understand why things are what they are and how and why things happen. He can help them to understand things like evolution and theories that have helped the human race progress, teaching them the importance of understanding complex things and looking for answers. He also has a skill with sarcasm and game play allowing them to freely express themselves.

Callum who is such a trusting and honorable guy can teach them moral and trust by being the true gentleman that he is. this should teach them to understand people and how they differ from one to another, and how no matter who it may be we should treat everyone with respect no matter what they say or do. I would be happy for them to listen to his words of maturity and understanding where emotions and people are involved, knowing when things can be said and when other things should be kept from people for their sake or the sake of others.

Jess who has an amazing talent for communication with a wide range of languages can teach them to speak in many different tongues so that they can communicate with people from every part of the world. She has a brilliant way with wording things and helping people through hard times which is an amazing talent for making people feel better about them-self and thus respecting others and helping people in return. It will allow them to see that people can be spoken to in ways which make them feel relaxed even when on edge the words they need are just needed to be chosen carefully.

These are just some of the people who I would love to be apart of my childrens lives. For they are wonderful and skilled, and it would mean a lot to me if they grew old with me.

By the time my children are old enough to look for work I hope them to be skilled and understanding and to have a great start in life ready to do something amazing with it.

If not, I will not hate them for it is their choice... but I expect great things from them and so they are my reason to live =]
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