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Not to bad thanks... Lies

I have come to realize over the past few days that I lie nearly all the time about one thing in particular.

Everyday I get asked.. "James are you ok" or "How are you" along with many other ways of asking me how in currently feeling, and I have come to realize that every time I reply its with the words "Not bad thanks" Or "Not to bad" something along those lines..

However this is always a lie...

You see with out meaning to I throw in the word "Not" at the start so that I can say something that I'm not but then I'm also not saying what I am..
I then say "too bad" as if to say things could be better or worse. Again not saying I'm happy or sad..

I say those three words way to often, when asked how I am.. and its in fact a defensive wall stopping people knowing whats actually going on inside.

I could be absolutely miserable and yet I would still say "Not too bad" just to cover it up..
However I have a flaw. Something a lot of people miss due to not really listening and just taking words for granted..
My voice tells everyone exactly how I truly feel..
I would like to say I could hide it but I have never had to so its quite out there and easy for people to see the truth..

That got me thinking.. not only do I lie about how I feel in general but I also lie about how I feel over all..
For example.. "Can you do this?" being the question.. the reply "Yeah" has a different pitch.. High means that I actually can but low means I'm not too sure.

The funny thing is that I am not the only one who does this.. we all do.. but how many of you can actually read a person properly and how many of you just ignore it?
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