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The run... (2PM)

Well for anyone that has read this post (Moving Forward) You will know that I am wanting to join the RAF in a attempt to move on forward with things..

I have many reasons but thats not important for this post..

Today I am running into town.
On Tuesday night I was talking with a very good friend about how fit you need to be in order to even get signed up to the RAF and apparently "Very" is the answer..
With that being said.. am I very fit or just ok?
My only way to test this is to run... and if I'm not in shape then to get in shape..

So today I will be running from one place to another in order to see how fit I actually am..

The above image is the route I will be taking and how long it takes to walk..
However like many 4channers.. no pic's no proof..
So I have set up a link so you can watch me run..

That link will show you a map with a pin on it... the pin is me.. it will update every 15 seconds to show you where I am.. you can also click on the pin to send me a message of encouragement OR view how fast I'm actually going.
When I Leave the map will start updating.

Hopefully this shows good results.. but I'm not too sure :S

Anyway wish me luck..

Should be leaving about 2PM GMT 0:00
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